TOO Sharp Sisters

Seventeen years and counting, that’s how long I have groomed pets.  That’s a lot of years to learn what works and what doesn’t work.  Finding someone to handle the tools upon which my lively hood depended was not always an easy task.  That person had to be trustworthy, reliable, skilled, affordable and available.  Are these the same traits you look for in a sharpener?

I desire to be that sharpener for you. TOO Sharp Sisters has invested in top of the line tools, equipment and training in order to produce a sharpening service on which you can rely.

We know what a groomer wants and needs so we offer:

  • Clipper Blade Sharpening with a Revolutionized Automated Sharpening System.  The automation provides uniformity by applying equal pressure and speed.  We give you superior results each and every time
  • Shear Sharpening on a Next Generation innovational sharpening machine.  It addresses the issues associated with the Convex and Long Curved Convex shears by removing as little metal as needed and not damaging the color finish.
  • Rapid Turn-around
  • Competitive Pricing (see price list)
  • Approachability – email, text, phone, face to face

Your Time is Your Money and waiting for the next available day that a mobile sharpener arrives may not fit into your timeline.

TOO Sharp Sisters

TOO Sharp Sisters
has the tools for your success

Professional Sharpening Services

for shears, scissors, and blades

We have the EDGE you need
To keep your business SHARP!!

Whether its your clients new "DO"  or their dogs "top knot", you need precision tools to produce a precision style.

Human hair or pet hair it doesn't matter, perfect cuts require properly sharpened edges.

Let TOO Sharp Sisters give you the EdgE!!