Professional Sharpening Services

for shears, scissors, and blades

TOO Sharp Sisters
Bevel Edge Scissors Under 10"

It’s Fast and Easy.

First   Click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the item you need sharpened. This will bring you to PayPal Checkout.

Next   Enter the “Quantity” of the blades and scissors that corresponds to the items you are having sharpened.  Don’t forget to add “1” to the mailing/postage line item.

Last   Pay with “PayPal” or choose “Check Out” and enter your credit card information along with a shipping address (for return of your cleaned & sharpened items)

PayPal will email to you a paid invoice.  Make a copy and mail the invoice along with your order.  If you have a particular problem with a specific blade or shear just make a note on the back page.

ALWAYS include a good day & night contact number.  

Curved Convex Shears
Bevel Edge Scissors 10" and up
Large Clipper blades 2"

If you would like a pick up service, Please use the form below to submit request.  Make sure to include a pick up date that suits your needs.

Convex Shears
Small Clipper blades up to 2"

We pick up and delivery within a 5 mile range of Starkey and Ulmerton (see map below)

Farm Animal Clipper Blades

Note: When mailing please remember to wrap each blade &/or scissor securely in paper or plastic wrap to prevent them from knocking into each other.  Also, to make sure the box contents don’t slide back and forth add extra paper or peanuts or bubble wrap inside the box.  When you have the box closed you should be able to shake it and not hear or feel the items moving inside.